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How Applications are Received and Managed
How Applications are Received and Managed

A guide to managing applications from potential tenants on RentBetter

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Receive secure, digital applications and easily keep them organised in one place!

On RentBetter your potential tenants will have access to industry-standard rental applications online via 2Apply.

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The applications page inside your account allows you to understand more about the applicants for your property.

You can see the details of each application, which includes useful information about each potential tenant to help you make more informed choices.

You can also choose to run tenant checks directly from the application which syncs up with the dashboard. This means no more scouring through emails or attachments just a quick glance at the dashboard and boom! You're on your way to getting a tenant sorted out.

How are Applications Received?

Applications can be submitted electronically by clicking and following the apply link for your ads on, or

The application link will appear in the ad description (as seen below) and on some of the sites, there will also be an Apply button.

You can also share the application link directly with your enquirers by clicking on the applications page inside the portal and clicking the 'Share application link' button.

Prospective tenants will be able to complete the online application using the 2Apply platform. This is the most common application portal used in the industry Australia-wide.

You’ll receive an instant alert to your email when an application comes through for your property and be able to view it in your RentBetter Applications dashboard.

How Applications are Managed

All applications are recorded and can be easily accessed in your RentBetter account.

Log in to your RentBetter account and navigate to the 'My Properties' dashboard. From the property card, click on Applications. There will be an alert if there is a new application notification to check.

When you click on an application you can view the main application plus all the attachments the tenants have uploaded to support their application. The attachments are available to view at the top of each application via the tabs. They turn blue when you click on them.

Once you have finished assessing all applications you can proceed with your preferred applicant, run a tenant check, and create a lease agreement in just a few clicks.

You can also choose to 'Mark Ad Under Application', which updates your property listing on the relevant platforms while you're in the application process with a tenant. While this won't prevent new enquiries from coming in, it signals to potential tenants that you are already considering applicants, which should reduce additional enquiries.

Running Tenant Checks from an Application

When you've found a tenant you love and would like to consider, you can run a tenant check using the National Tenancy Database (NTD).

You can run a tenant check directly from the main application dashboard or from inside the application of a particular tenant.

Click on ‘Run Tenant Check’ next to the applicant's name, and you'll be guided through the process. The applicant's details will be automatically populated based on the information they provided.

Applications FAQs

I want to provide an application form to a potential tenant, how can I do this?

You can access applications in one of two ways. Firstly they can be submitted electronically by clicking on the 'apply' link on your ads on the property sites.

You can also share the application link directly with your enquirers by clicking on the applications page inside the RentBetter portal and click 'Share application link'. This will copy a link to your clipboard where you can share where you like.

RentBetter will email copies of completed applications to you as they come through. This is the preferred method, as you can take advantage of having the applicant's details on the platform and with one click can run a tenant check or create your lease agreement.

My tenants would like to fill out a traditional paper application form instead, can I supply one?

The online application process is designed to be as easy as possible for tenants of all abilities but we know sometimes this isn't possible. Whilst this isn't ideal you may provide a copy of the application form (available here) directly to candidates.

Just keep in mind that if you choose to go the paper route, the application won't be accessible through your RentBetter account.

What documents do tenants need to upload to their application?

To apply for your property, tenants are required to provide evidence demonstrating their ability to meet financial obligations, including paying rent on time and having a positive rental history.

Typically, tenants need to submit copies of their ID documents, previous rental ledgers, proof of income such as bank statements or payslips from their employer, as well as personal and professional references. These documents are standard requirements for renting a property in Australia, and most renters are familiar with the application process.

My tenant applied but I have not received it.

If there are multiple tenants on one application, all tenants must have submitted their sections for you to see the completed application in your RentBetter account.

If you have checked this and confirmed that everyone has submitted their part then please ask your tenant to log back into 2apply and return to their application. They can update the email address where they submit the application to and click submit again. This will force the application back through the 2Apply system to your RentBetter account.

Can I remove or delete an application?

Applications are not able to be deleted on RentBetter however the Tenant can remove their application through 2Apply. If the tenant wishes to remove their application, they will need to log into their 2Apply account, navigate to their submitted applications and select withdraw their Application.

Can a tenant edit an application?

A tenant may edit their application if it has not been submitted yet, they will need to log into their application in 2Apply and select Edit to adjust any of the details.

If the tenant has submitted their application then unfortunately it is not able to be edited. If you need clarification on any of the information submitted, please feel free to contact them directly.

I am checking references and they have asked for consent or a privacy statement. Where can I find this?

You'll find this is included at the end of the application which the tenant has signed. You only need to send the signed page with their consent to the agency and not the full application

What happens when I accept an application?

The tenant isn’t notified if you accept an application. They are only notified at the point in which you send them an invitation from the platform to get set up on RentBetter and send them their lease. We’d recommend communicating directly with the tenant via email to let them know that their application has been approved and the next steps required.

Once you have accepted, you will be taken through the steps to set up the lease and tenancy on RentBetter.

If I reject an application is the tenant notified?

The prospective tenant isn’t notified if you reject their application. The reject button functionality is a way for you to sort your applications and you can find your rejected applications inside your applications dashboard on the ‘rejected’ tab. If you’d like to communicate that an applicant was unsuccessful, you can do this via email directly with the tenant.

Can I log into Inspect RealEstate/2Apply to view the application and attachments?

No, you’re unable to access 2Apply directly to look at applications. Applications are managed through your ‘Applications’ Dashboard inside your RentBetter account.

The attachments are all available to view at the top of each application via the tabs which you can click through individually to clearly view them.

My tenants are having technical difficulties with their application, can you help?

The applications portal is managed by 2Apply, so if tenants encounter any technical issues, the best course of action is to seek assistance directly on their website. You'll find a help button in the bottom left corner for quick access to support.

Unfortunately, RentBetter is unable to assist with issues like blocked accounts or other technical difficulties since we don't own that platform. However, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and we'll do our best to guide you in the right direction.

How can I access my old applications?

When you remove your ad, applications remain accessible for a short period before being removed from your account for privacy and security reasons. If you need access to the application for the current tenants of your property, we can retrieve this for you. All other applications cannot be retrieved once they've been removed.

Need further assistance?

Have more questions about the applications? Reach out to our friendly team via the support chat or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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