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How Enquiries are Received and Managed
How Enquiries are Received and Managed

A guide to managing enquiries from potential tenants through RentBetter

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With your ad live and attracting interest on the leading real estate websites, you can easily manage all your enquiries from prospective tenants.

We’ve made it simple to view all your enquiries from one spot inside RentBetter so there’s never been an easier way to manage and keep things organised.

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How Enquiries Are Received

Tenants can enquire about your property by clicking on the enquire button located on your ads via the property sites.

When an enquiry is received, it will be forwarded to your email and can also be found within the Inbox of your RentBetter account. All enquiries are conveniently stored in a single location within RentBetter, enabling you to easily view all of them at once.

You’ll receive instant notifications when enquiries come through so you’re alerted in real time. To reply to an enquiry you can reply to the email that you received and it will reply directly to the tenant.

To view a list of all your enquiries and details such as phone messages, log into your RentBetter account and click on the ‘enquiries’ button on the property card or on the ‘inbox’ on the top right of your screen.

How Enquiries Are Managed

To view your list of all your enquiries, from the My Properties page click on the 'Enquiries' button on your property card where you will find a summary of each enquiry received for your property.

You can view messages and listen to voice messages through the platform. Voice messages are also transcribed for ease.

To respond to enquiries, simply reply to the email that was sent to you directly.

General FAQs

What do I do when I receive an enquiry?

Enquiries are an expression of interest from a prospective tenant. Whilst some people may play a numbers game and enquire about a lot of properties, it always pays to be responsive and gauge the level of interest and fit for your property when an enquiry comes through.

You might like to do this via phone, email, SMS or all three.

You should aim to reply to all your enquirers respectfully. Tenants have taken the time to write an enquiry to you, so dismissing them with one-word answers isn’t a great look and can make them feel like they were never worthy of your time.

Remember, tenants are your clients, and they deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism.

How can I update the email address my enquiries are sent to?

To update the email address for your enquiries, you can click on the 'edit ad' button and then scroll down to the 'Your details' section at the bottom of the page. To save your details you'll need to ensure you click the button to update your ad.

Can I 'reply all' or bulk reply to my enquiries?

Unfortunately, you're not able to bulk reply or 'reply all' to your enquiries at this current time.

How do phone enquiries work on RentBetter?

When a tenant enquires via phone, we transcribe the voicemail message and send you their details so that you can call or SMS them back at your convenience.

If you have selected that you want to give out your details via your ad settings, the caller will receive a message with your details to get in touch with you and we'll send you a message too.

I'm not receiving many enquiries, what should I do?

We find that the average lifetime of a listing on the property sites is around 2-4 weeks and it usually takes around 15 enquiries to secure a quality tenant. Price tends to be the biggest driver of demand so you might like to review a few of the other ads to ensure you are priced competitively.

Alternatively, you can look at upgrading your ad, but upgrades tend to be expensive and do not always provide a return on investment.

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Need further assistance?

Have more questions about the enquiries process? Reach out to our friendly team via the support chat or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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