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Creating and Managing Your Ad

A guide to advertising your property on RentBetter

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We’re excited you’re ready to create your property ad on RentBetter!

In this article, you’ll find a complete guide to advertising your property on RentBetter. Follow the steps below to help you through and if you have further questions, you can reach out to our friendly team through the online messenger or via email.

In this article:

Who can Create an Ad

If you’ve paid for a RentBetter plan to advertise your property either for rent or sale, you will have access to create an ad within the platform.

You will need to be verified before your ads can go live. To verify your property, please visit the verification link that was sent to your email and upload the relevant documents.

How to Create an Ad

Head to the My Properties page in your RentBetter account and click on Create Ad.

  1. Fill out your property details including the address and information about the property such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, rent amount and other important features.

  2. You will also need to add some photos of your property (up to 15) and you can add inspection times.

  3. Once you are finished, you can choose to publish it now or at a later date.

Publish Now - If you’re ready to publish it right away, you can click Save Ad and your ad will go through the review process to be published.

Publish Later - If you want to keep your ad as a draft and publish it later you will need to UNTICK the button that says: “I am ready for my ads to go live on the property sites which will appear in the public domain” and then click Save Ad.

Where and When Your Ad is Published

We want to ensure your property gets the most exposure so we advertise on Australia’s 3 main property websites:, and

After your ad has been submitted, our team will review it to make sure nothing critical is missing and it will be published within 2 to 4 hours.

Once your ad has been published, you will receive a confirmation email from RentBetter with the link to the online ad and an overview of the next steps.

Ad Formats

We offer the standard ad format as part of our regular service. You can find some examples below on and

Ad Upgrades

We always recommend searching and doing a comparison of similar properties in your area to ensure you are priced competitively prior to looking at upgrades. We find that they are fairly expensive, and do not always provide a return on investment. Having said that, there are three levels of upgrade available for your ad on

  • Feature property: Appear above all other standard listings (ads of similar size) but just below highlight ads - $210 for 30 days

  • Highlight property: Larger photo, and appear above all other feature and standard listings - $360 for 30 days

  • Premiere Property: Similar to a highlight upgrade, your ad will rotate back to the top every few days - $460 for 30 days

To upgrade your ad, click on the 'edit ad' button and on the right side of the page you will see the upgrade option. Click through and follow the steps to upgrade your ad.

Ad Run Times

Your ad will run for as long as it takes for you to find a tenant or sell your property. We want you to find a good quality tenant, so we don’t place any time restrictions on your ad.

Editing an Ad

If you need to edit your ad, all you need to do is go back to the My Properties page and select edit ad on the property you wish to edit. We want you to be happy with your ad, so you can make as many changes as you like for no additional cost.

Once the changes have been saved, they will be reviewed by our team and your ad will be updated within 2 to 4 hours.

Removing an Ad

Once you have successfully leased or sold your property, you can log back in and click the Remove Ad button found on the My Properties page to trigger the removal of your ad.

The details of your property will be saved in your RentBetter profile so that at the end of the lease, you can easily log back in to pay and run your ad again if you need to.

General FAQs

Can I pause my ad?

The property sites don’t have a ‘pause’ status, ads are either active or inactive.

If you are considering an applicant, we would typically recommend leaving the ad live and updating the title and description to say “UNDER APPLICATION”. You can do this by going to the applications page and clicking the button to 'mark as under application'.

Unfortunately, people can be unreliable and if you remove the ad and the prospective tenant were to fall through, you would have to start the ads all over again which will add time to finding someone else. If you leave them live, you’ll have a pipeline of active leads.

I can’t see my ad, what do I do?

If you sign back in at you'll see the 'view' links which will take you directly to your ads live on the property sites. With those links, you can always check that your ads are live.

If you're having trouble finding your ads, start with a narrow set of search criteria on the sites and then broaden them out. We'd be happy to help further if you still can't find them in the for rent section, just get in touch.

I want to add a video to my ad, how can I do this?

If you'd like to add a video to your ads, please reply to us at with the URL/Link to the video and we can add this for you.

The property sites don't accept the source video, so it has to be hosted on a site like Vimeo or YouTube, and then the link to that video is included in your ad.

Should I include public inspection times or keep inspection times private?

Whilst this is really a matter of preference, we typically see customers with private inspection times, to begin with. Most enquiries about a property relate to inspection times, so if you want to gauge the level of interest early on, it may make sense to keep the times private and deal with specific requests one at a time. If the number of requests becomes overwhelming, or you’re comfortable there is a high level of demand for your property, then setting a public time will make sense to reduce the volume of enquiries from prospective tenants.

What should I include in the title of the ad?

The title is a short 80-character summary of the highlights of a property. It might be as simple as "bright north-facing apartment with ocean views" or if you’re stuck for creative language it can be as simple as "a house on a corner block near public transport".

It is simply a way to share the key points about your property with viewers

Do I need professional photographs to be successful?

As with any marketing or sales opportunity, there is a benefit to putting your best foot forward and showing the property in the best way possible. However, a vast majority of our customers will use their own images rather than a professional set of images, and we have not seen any evidence of this impacting the quality or quantity of enquiries for a property.

If you do wish to order professional photos, check out our partner SNAPPR here - and you can book a photographer at a great rate.

How do I choose the right price for my property?

Price tends to be the most influential driver in the level of interest in a property. It makes sense, that when there is a market of different options, users will use price as a way to rank options and make decisions. Finding the right price is then a critical part of the process.

There are two factors to consider when deciding on the ‘right’ price

  1. How are similar properties in the market today priced, and are you competitive?

    This means visiting the property sites and reviewing your direct competition to see if you’re priced well. We sometimes see multiple properties in a single building where one is half the price of the other, and the cheaper option attracts all the attention.

    We suggest going through the list of properties advertised on the property sites and identifying those that are superior, and then those that are inferior and placing your property in between the two on price. You can always adjust the price at a later date, so starting with a price and adjusting is the right approach.

  2. What data or market pricing reports are available on price?

    You can visit and access a pricing report from Core Logic. This will give you insights into the area, and an estimate of the rental amount from a trusted and reputable leader in the property market.

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Need further assistance?

Have more questions about advertising your property? Reach out to our friendly team via the support chat or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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