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How do I manage my property without an agent?
How do I manage my property without an agent?

The Rental Platform

Updated over a week ago

Property management is not rocket science. Each state has specific processes and procedures outlined to help you manage your own property.

We have outlined ‘The Big 4’ basics to renting out your own property that can be found here.

RentBetter helps to automate many of these processes, but you can start by advertising your property on the major property sites ( and From there you will receive enquiries and applications, and you can run tenant checks on the shortlist of applicants to help you select the right tenant.

Then use a standard lease agreement to set up the terms of the lease with your tenant, lodge the bond, complete the condition report and you’re ready to start collecting rent.

RentBetter can help simplify the process using the RentBetter platform. You can set up the terms of your lease and invite your tenant to automate many of the tedious processes related to property management, at the fraction of the cost of a property manager.

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