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How to Cancel my RentBetter Account
How to Cancel my RentBetter Account

How to cancel your subscription on RentBetter

Updated over a week ago

RentBetter offers a flexible cancellation policy. If you are on a monthly subscription, you can cancel it anytime.

We'd of course be sad to see you go. Our team takes pride in our loyal customer base so if there's anything we didn't get right or if you have any other feedback to share, we'd love to hear from you - you can reach out to our team at

How to Cancel Your Subscription

If you'd like to cancel your subscription, please take the following steps on the RentBetter site:

  1. Visit and sign into your account

  2. Click on the 'Account Settings' section, then select 'My plans'

  3. Click the 'Cancel Plan' button

⚠️ Before cancelling, we recommend downloading all your documents and files to ensure continued access as once the subscription ends, you'll lose access to the features of the platform.

If you'd like to see more details on our cancellation policy, you can visit the terms and conditions page here.

General FAQ's

Can I pause my subscription instead?

Unfortunately there is no pause function available, your subscription is either active or inactive. Typically if you are in between tenants and intend on renting your property again we'd recommend leaving your subscription active so that you retain access to your documents and use the features of the site.

I ended my lease, does this automatically cancel my property subscription?

Our subscriptions are property-based and provide access to all features regardless of whether there is a lease set-up on the property. Ending a lease doesn't automatically cancel your property subscription; you need to do so via your ‘Account’ section of the website as outlined in the above section on how to cancel.

Will I be able to access my documents once the subscription ends?

Once your subscription ends you will no longer have access to the features of the platform so you will need to ensure you download all your files including agreements and any financial reports to ensure continued access post-cancellation.

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