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Payments and Payment Methods

Getting Started on RentBetter

Updated over a week ago

Getting your payment method set up on RentBetter account is the first step to ensuring things go smoothly for your property.

Find out how to get set up with your payment method on RentBetter below.

Accepted Payment Methods

To pay for a plan on RentBetter we accept most major credit or debit cards.

Unfortunately, as a landlord, you are not currently able to pay for a RentBetter plan via a bank account. We understand the benefit of paying via a bank account, and we will soon offer a solution for this.

Updating a Payment Method

You can access your account and update your payment method at any time by going to the Billing Profile, clicking Update Payment Method and then Add a New Card

Billing Cycles

Ongoing Monthly Plans - If you’ve selected a monthly plan on RentBetter, you will be charged on a monthly basis from the date you paid for your plan.

One-Off Plans - If you’ve selected one of our one-off plans, the payment will be charged at the time you submit your payment request.

Need further assistance?

Have more questions on payments and getting set up, reach out to our friendly team at and we’ll be happy to help.

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