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Viewings and Inspections

Conducting a successful viewing/inspection of your property

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When potential tenants find your listing and start enquiring, the next step is to organise an inspection so they can view the property.

Being there for the inspections also gives you a chance to meet your potential tenants and get a sense of their character and suitability!

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How to conduct a Property Viewing (also called open inspections)

First, you’ll need to decide how you are going to run your inspection - will you do group inspections or private inspections by appointment?

On your property ad, you can set specific times for people to view the property in groups. You can leave this blank if you prefer people contact you and arrange this on a 1-1 basis.

To set your inspection time on your property ad, navigate to the 'My Properties' page and click on the 'Edit ad' button on your property card.

Scroll down to the inspections section and tick the box to say that you'd like to specify inspection times and then save/update your ad.

To set your inspection time on your property ad, click on the 'Edit ad' button on your property card and then scroll down to the inspections section and tick the box to d

Although inspections are a fairly routine process, it helps to have a checklist that you can refer to each time, so that you don’t forget or skip over important items.

Be ready to answer any questions about the property - you should know your own property inside out.

Property Inspection Checklist:

You may find the below checklist useful as a reference point prior to inspections.

  • Publish your ad with inspection times so people come through in groups rather than coordinating single time slots.

  • Notify your current tenants (if you have them) in writing, this could be through email or SMS at least 7 days before the inspection time.

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the inspection time and start on time.

  • Put up a sign if the entrance is difficult to find, or leave instructions to buzz in an apartment block.

  • Ensure the property is clean.

  • Open all doors, windows and blinds.

  • Remove hazards that can cause people harm (e.g. electrical cords, wet floors, children’s toys etc)

  • If applicable, ask current tenants to keep valuables out of reach or out of sight during the inspection.

  • Stand at the front door to greet those arriving at the inspection.

  • Be prepared with 2-3 questions tenants may have (e.g. start date, weekly rent, noise levels etc.).

  • Collect each potential tenant's details and have the web address for the tenant to complete the form online.

See more on 'Questions to be prepared for when advertising your property' -

General FAQs

Can I have someone else host the viewing for me?

Inspections are the most effective way to showcase your property but they can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you've got a busy schedule or are not located near your property.

Through RentBetter, you can manage your open inspections and viewings with ease for just $299 for a package of 3.

The viewings are limited to certain locations. You can find out more on how it works here -

Should I set an inspection time or keep them private?

This is ultimately up to your personal preference, and typically we see landlords keep inspection times private initially until they can see the level of interest in the property.

At that point, you might like to continue to engage directly with tenants, or you can set a public inspection time so that it is easier to communicate the time with prospective tenants.

Virtual Property Inspections

Virtual Property Inspections are a great tool, particularly during a pandemic. See our guide below on the types of virtual inspections and how they could be helpful to you.

Need further assistance?

Have more questions about property inspections? Reach out to our friendly team via the support chat or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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