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What is a Condition Report?

A condition report is a document given to your tenants at the beginning of their tenancy that records the general state of the condition of your property on a room by room basis, including fittings and fixtures and needs to be completed within the first 7 days of the tenancy.

The report is used as a reference point when tenants move out of your property to determine if there was any damage caused in the property while they were living there.

Condition reports on RentBetter:

Unique to Your Property

Customise the property details so that your condition report includes the specific rooms in your property. Remove the hassle of trying to add extra info to a generic report.

Inspect With Ease

With the ability to add pictures and comments, you can thoroughly inspect all aspects of your property from your desktop or mobile device.

Sign and Send to Your Tenant

Send the completed copy to your tenant for them to complete their part of the inspection. You can save the report and access it in the future in case you need to make changes

How do Condition Reports work on RentBetter?

Inspect and record the condition of your investment property with our digital condition report.

You can update the report at the beginning, middle, and end of your lease, and because it's saved on the platform, you won't have to recreate it each time. .

To create a Condition Report, head to the My Properties page and locate the property you wish to create a report for.

On the right-hand side, you will see a menu underneath the Manage My Property section. Click on Condition Report.

  1. Click on New Condition Report to create a customised report.

  2. Confirm your property details and indicate the types of rooms and how many there are.

  3. Fill in the form with the details of the condition of your property. Remember to save each section so that you don’t lose your work if you lose connection. You can also then come back to it later if you need to.

    You can also add comments and photos for each room, and if you need to customise a specific room or item, you can add this as well.

  4. Digitally sign and send it to your tenant.

  5. Your tenant will then receive a notification to complete their side of the condition report and sign. You’ll be able to view a copy of the finalised report once it’s signed in My Documents.

The tenant will also receive a copy of the final document for their records.

If you’re carrying out a Routine Inspection throughout the tenancy, you will use the same document as the condition report to document the state of the property.

Condition Report FAQs

How many photos can I add to a condition report?

The report allows you to save 15 photos per room/area in the report.

I forgot to save my report, is there any way to get my work back?

The report includes a number of ‘save’ buttons to allow you to save in small steps as you create the report. Unfortunately, if you have not saved your progress, we’re unable to retrieve the information.

Can I book someone else to complete the condition report for me?

Yes! On RentBetter you can hire a trusted professional who can complete a Condition Report on your behalf. Perfect for saving you valuable time but also great if you're not able to be in the location of your property. We’ve made it easy to book directly through the platform when the time comes. It’s a stress-free way to ensure you get the task done on time, accurately and with ease.

What is a routine inspection?

A routine inspection (or a landlord property inspection) is conducted throughout the lease period to ensure there is no damage or other issues in the rental property. The person conducting the property should respect that someone lives in the property and it is not a judgement on how tidy surfaces are, but rather to ensure the property is kept in a clean state and there is no damage. These inspections are also about rental safety and should be conducted with respect to tenants' rights.

When does the condition report need to be completed?

The initial condition report must be completed within the first 7 days of the tenancy. It is recommended that you complete a condition report for each routine inspection you then do throughout the tenancy.

Need further assistance?

Have more questions about Condition Reports? Reach out to our friendly team at and we’ll be happy to help.

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