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How does RentBetter work?

How RentBetter Works

Updated over a week ago

At RentBetter, we’re focused on empowering property owners to find tenants and manage (or sell) their property themselves.

RentBetter makes leasing and selling your property easy:

  • Create your own property ad, which includes a written description, uploaded photos and your chosen inspection times.

  • Within hours, your ad will be live on popular property websites and visible to thousands of prospective tenants or buyers searching for their next home.

  • RentBetter will then forward all incoming enquiries and applications relating to your property to your email address.

  • When you find a preferred candidate, we can help you perform National Tenancy Database checks.

  • Once your property is leased, we will remove your ad and save your property details for the next time you are looking for tenants

  • You may also like to take advantage of the RentBetter Rental Management Platform to help you track rent, maintenance and generate a report for the end of the financial year.

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