This message indicates that whilst we have been able to match the applicant's details provided (name, address, date of birth) in some of the databases, we were unable to match any of the Government issued documentation (Driver’s License or Passport). You may receive this message for the following reasons:

  • You may have entered some of the applicant's details incorrectly into the system and an exact match was unable to be found (e.g. skipped a middle name or a letter)

  • The applicant has only just received their document and the database has not been updated yet

  • The applicant’s document may be old so the system is unable to match it (e.g. driver’s license with an old address that was not updated)

  • The applicant has only just turned 18 and is not yet listed in any databases

  • You did not provide any Government-issued documentation in your search (Driver’s license or Passport)

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