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How do I lodge a Bond in SA?

Bond Lodgement

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A bond is a security deposit the tenant/resident gives the landlord/proprietor at the beginning of a tenancy or lease. The landlord must lodge it with Consumer and Business Services (CBS). It is returned at the end of the tenancy if there are no claims for cleaning, outstanding rent or other costs.

Landlords/proprietors must lodge a bond within two weeks of it being received. Landlords can choose to use Rental Bonds Online (RBO) or lodge manually.

The maximum amount of bond

The maximum bond for residential tenancy agreements is:

  • Up to four weeks rent if the weekly rent is $250 or less

  • Up to six weeks rent if the weekly rent is more than $250.

  • Landlords must give the tenant a receipt within 48 hours of receiving the bond.

1. Register

You can register for Residential Bonds Online (RBO) here. You will need to create a username and password. Don’t forget to record these so you can login to manage your bond at any time.

2. ‘Landlord’

You will need to enter the PIN sent to your mobile to verify your account and register as a ‘landlord’.

3. RBO debit bond from owner

The tenant will receive a link to verify the bond lodgement. You will need to collect payment from the tenant then transfer the money via Direct Debit to the RBO. The owner should record the receipt number in case they need to manage the bond in future.

For additional help, you can call CBS Bonds on 131 882.

Information sourced directly from and correct as at 09/07/21

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