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How do I lodge a Bond in WA?

Bond Lodgement

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For Private lessors/landlords

Lodging a bond in WA

Bonds must be lodged using the bond lodgement form to be printed, signed and submitted to the Bond Administrator by post, by sending an email to - or in person.

Bond receipts

When a tenant pays a bond, the lessor must issue a receipt immediately when the payment is received.

Residential tenancy bonds

Where a bond relates to a residential tenancy agreement the lessor must issue a receipt to the tenant which includes:

  • Name of the person who paid;

  • Amount paid;

  • The date on which it is paid; and

  • Address of the rental premises.

Payment of the bond

  • On the form (link above), indicate the date the bond was paid to you.

  • Indicate the Payment Method by making a selection from the list of options. If Direct Debit is selected, you will be required to fully complete the direct debit agreement.

  • Note that cash and other payments can only be accepted in person at an office of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

For additional help, you can call Consumer Protection on 1300 304 054.

Information sourced from and is correct as at 09/07/21

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