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Emergency Home Assistance

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Emergency Home Assistance (EHA) is a service that takes the stress out of finding a tradesperson in times of need.

Allianz Global Assistance can help connect you with a tradesperson for help with 10 common home emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s like roadside assistance but for your property.

To get started follow the steps and the link below

  1. Emergency Occurs

    One of the 10 emergencies occurs at your home

  2. Call for Help

    You phone the 24/7 EHA number to be connected with a tradesperson

  3. Tradesperson Arrives

    The tradesperson attends your property for repairs or to make it safe

The 10 most common Home Emergencies

  • Locked out of the house

  • Blackout or power failure

  • Burst tap or showerhead

  • Damaged roof or guttering causing an internal leak

  • Burst pipe failure

  • Blocked toilet, drain or pipes

  • Broken or burst hot water system

  • Gas leak

  • Broken external door or window failure

  • Damaged heating or cooling system

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